Find Your Seat & Keep It


This one pretty much blew my mind.

I had painted this piece a couple weeks prior to my giving spree. When I brought my friend into the circle of awareness to receive an original watercolor from Mr. Blue I kept getting directed to gift this one.

"Give her the chairs!"


Who wants chairs?

I love chairs. Particularly since I spent a decade working as a therapist and sitting across form person after person. I visited Paris and the Muse Picasso in 2002 and fell in love with his paintings that featured fragmented people sitting in chairs. I bought four prints and had them custom framed for my office.

After my morning yoga the demand continued: "Give her the chairs!"

Alrighty already!

One of my soul-siblings, a powerful mentor and friend, she's living with HIV/AIDS, totally sober from drugs & alcohol, and a spiritual swan, stood speechless in her kitchen staring at the piece. I stood next to her and watched. And waited. She had unwrapped the painting and kept this silent pose for several minutes. 



Wesley with his love for the water and surfing inspired this series.

I knew strokes and washes of blue were the perfect backdrop.

Pen has emerged as one of my strong skills. I believe it's important to try different mediums, play, and watch as secret ninja skills emerge. 

I signed up for a workshop in Hollywood with a live model and an artist proficient in pen. Magnetic energy pulled me into working with a pen.

I could see it materializing on paper during this workshop.

Here's the piece from that class. (can you see where the teacher stepped in on my paper to demonstrate?)

Pen on paper from Artist Alexander Smith

We Are The Music


Short, small and simple -- with a great quote.

One of my 'things' is to grab a 3 X 5 Italian Fabriano card and pen a killer quote with some watercolor.

This one accompanied and important gift for my best friend Mike Binks in Portland. Celebrating our passion for music and medicine. He's a therapist and helper and part of my inner circle of friendship.