A Day With HIV


Yoga strengthens my body and bolsters my immune system. It sings to my mind and challenges flexibility. In Dancer’s Pose I open my heart into a rhythm of compassion, and playfully invite myself to move one day at a time, and groove with gratitude and passion for life! I will pay attention to the steady beat of my privilege with access to medication and excellent health care. And I'll surrender to my highest intention... May I share my music, gifts, and talents with others, and invite them to contribute their melody to the universal symphony of human kindness and kinship.

Please show your support of this awesome social media campaign. Stop HIV Stigma as you share this post, like, love it, up your thumb, and don't forget to breathe!

A Day with HIV is an HIV awareness and anti-stigma photo campaign presented by Positively Aware magazine. Now in its fifth year, the goal of A Day with HIV is simple—to confront stigma by sharing the pictures and stories of people who are affected by HIV. Stigma can discourage people from getting tested, just as it can make others fear disclosing their status. Positive or negative, we all live with HIV.

In 2013 my photo on the stand up paddle board was selected as the cover for Positively Aware Magazine. (see previous campaign photos below).

A Day With HIV

Birthday Bash

It's my BIRTH DAY & of course I have a little gift for you, you know the helper in me... Today's musical offering is from PAL JOEY the Musical: "Bewitched." I also have an important question for you. I'm defining my next few years of focus for Viral Mindfulness and want to know how you'd best like to connect with me. Please cast your vote: (you can vote for more than one) A. My Memoir. The tales and travels of an undiscovered fairy. B. Regular Blog Posts on Mondays at viralmindfulness.com/blog. It's called Viral Mindfulness Monday. C. Piano & Music Centered Content. Concerts and Live Events. Content specific to music and mindfulness and how to learn with gusto as you age. D. Viral Mindfulness the Podcast. Carry me in your ears with regular podcast specific to mindfulness, spirituality, meditation, creativity & therapeutic ideas for wellness. NOW LIVE! Flash Back Friday Episodes of Alexander TV :) https://viralmindfulness.com/flashback-friday

Posted by Alexander Smith on Sunday, August 6, 2017

My Guncle And Me

SURPRISE!!! It's an all new (very special) A-Live. I'm honored my handsome, amazing, smart, insightful & talented nephew, Parker Smith, stopped by for today's conversation. Pull up a seat, we're talking music & mindfulness: "My #Guncle & Me!" #myguncleandme

Posted by Alexander Smith on Tuesday, July 18, 2017