My Tent-thing


I decided this would be the year I spent one tenth of my nights in my tent ⛺️ !

A tent-th: like a holy tithing.

Camping connects me to a simple rhythm of life. One that feels vital and forgotten. So wise it's easily mistaken. 

I'm currently in Big Stur State Park. Next to a river. Listening and writing. Tonight marks my 17th night this year in my tent. 

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! 


Grace Cathedral


Every so often I return home to San Francisco and practice yoga with one of the great men in my life: Darren Main. Since 2007 I’ve opened myself up to the friendship, grace and wisdom of his guidance & instruction.

At Grace Cathedral I integrate and pose to reconcile divided remnants from my past where I was an active LDS man trying to ‘cure’ my homosexuality. I light candles in the AIDS Interfaith Memorial Chapel for those ahead of me on the trail. I walk the labyrinth with a song in my heart that whispers: “It was meant to break open... Stay awake my heart!”

I’m grateful for innovative gay leaders working to bridge divides that currently impact the LGBTQ community.

If you’ve never taken the pilgrimage to practice yoga at Grace Cathedral on Tuesday nights…. I promise, you’ll never be the same.


A-Live: Music & Mindfulness | Featuring 'Mad World'

We're LIVE (A-Live) with music & mindfulness. When it comes to the 'M' word... perhaps you can relate to Tara & Shelley's heartfelt confessions. Tara: "Teach me to meditate. Every time I try... it all becomes funny 😂😕 ... Is that normal?" And Shelley: "How do I quiet my thoughts?" Let's dive in! Instead of blasting the world of social media with an overwhelm of mindfulness content, I'm offering direct resources, on a weekly basis, right to your email inbox. Please head on over to my website and become a Viral Mindfulness Insider. I'm working on a series of guided meditations that will launch next week, and you'll have FREE access. JOIN HERE: #facebooklive #alive #meditate #makesithappen #mindfulness

Posted by Alexander Smith on Wednesday, May 10, 2017