If you haven't heard Mindfulness has officially come out of the closet. Research and science support the many benefits associated with mindfulness activities.

Activities such as breath-work, imagery, yoga, meditation, gratitude, visualization, creativity, and music. After a decade in clinical social work I finally found the courage to choose my niche. Welcome, it's called Viral Mindfulness!

Will this action hurt or help me?

Mindfulness grows into more than just being present. Once you settle down and begin paying attention you'll uncover filters you use to "hurt" your life & relationships. Here's a mindful question you can ask before taking action, or spending too much time following a certain story line connected to the soundtrack in your head: Will this hurt me or help?

Mindfulness is a topic of viral proportions.

When you dive deep into the arteries you sense an ocean of information. You'll learn how to swim, and I'll be there with you. The longer I bathe in the warmth of a mindfulness practice I feel astonishingly capable, content, and more attentive to my life. It strengthens my body, immune system, mind, heart & music.

Mindfulness is about paying attention to the voice in your head.

Loosen your grip on attachment. Diminish the commentary and story in your head. Dive deep within and you'll begin to observe filters and perceptions that hinder your engagement with life, your heart, and creativity. When you find a gifted teacher and mentor, courage bubbles and calls you to free the expert and guru within. This inspired voice is the only symphony that will save you from the difficulties of your life. And remind you that pain isn't optional—suffering is.

With mindfulness you pay attention long enough to observe difficult parts of your life. Subtle parts, and uncomfortable ones. Being mindful means you'll observe and witness the voice in your head. You'll learn to listen to the soundtrack of your mind. And play new rhythms, while spreading compassion, and sharing your best music with the world.

In 2011 I hit the proverbial wall of the mental health system. After ten years in my first career as a Clinical Social Worker I cashed out my retirement and resigned. Left the college campus, a basement office with no windows, and opened my first office online. 

Skillful and Compassionate Attention.

I witnessed something profound when people found courage to stop talking so much. And start listening to their very own insights tucked deep within. Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, compassion, and creativity are perfect vehicles for opening a window within. Assisting you to develop your own mindfulness practice is my main goal.

Mindfulness is one of the best medicines I've seen. It's not expensive, can be frightening & difficult, cuts right to the center, and it's sustainable over time. Think of a tree—with strong roots, this is where we're headed.