Good Morning Selēnē,

It’s Sunday morning for you. Welcome to your new day.

Thanks for your patience. I wanted to update my application process before sending it off to you.

I’m aware that you’ve offered some of this information in our free consultation, however, if you can offer it again in written form, it’s helpful for my records moving forward (of course you’re welcome to summarize anything you feel you explained in detail during our previous conversation).

I was thinking this afternoon (my Saturday afternoon), about the wisdom in giving two of our most important assets, our time & attention, towards our spiritual growth.

It’s such a generous idea, to offer time and attention, towards our spirituality, while cultivating our spiritual impulse.

Meditation is a beautiful practice, that expands when we offer time and attention to our being, freely, in a giving manner.

I hope you make the time to meditate today.