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I love your weekly letters from the heart. Very touching & grounding. I love inversions, as one of my teachers says, ‘we need to view life from a different perspective.’ You are my Monday inversion!
— Tracy
Dear Alexander,

I’ve been reading your Monday musings since Joshua Tree. What a sweet pleasure to look forward to each week. I especially appreciated your comments on the importance of honoring silence in our lives. This gives me the opportunity to here my own voice and if often has some very important things to say. Thank you for sharing yourself this way, with all of us out here in email land. You’re a gift. Namaste!
— Anna
Alexander has a way of expressing himself that makes everything seem so simple. And that’s a gift for everybody.
— Lisa
I whisper hello through moonlight. You are deepening dear brother. Another gift you continually nurture is your way with words. Healing anthems of light. I’ve so enjoyed finding solace in all flavors of moments, smiling in the feast of you. I lay your words warm down and oft parched throat. Flowers bloom in a desert soul. Your stories freckly my life. Thank you for taking the time to give. To sit. To ponder. To shine. I love the man you are!
— Bryce
I cannot tell you how much I look forward to your Viral Mindfulness Monday . . . I love it! Your messages are always spot on, with photos full of joy and life (event in the midst of your recent loss). Your art is beautiful & inspiring. It’s amazing how an email can deliver so much love, joy, caring, and expressionism, straight from your heart.
— Kim
Thank you for this great read and for sharing so much of your self!
— Mona
I was very moved by your story and I’m excited to follow your journey of viral mindfulness.
— Dana

One winter day, running on the sand, along the ocean, I thought:

“Wouldn’t it be cool If I sent a spirit-centered email to my People on Mondays with A mindful Suggestion."

And so it began. Your support, questions, insights, ah-has, & heartfelt emails quickly stole my heart. Soon we were achieving powerful practice and synchronicity together. Through email. 

You're my tribe, and I claim each one of you as you subscribe. I bring you into the circle of my heart, to teach and elevate with mindfulness.

I'll trade awesome mindfulness challenges for your email address. Join my tribe, it's called Viral Mindfulness Monday.

Thank you so much for your emails . . . I feel your light, positivity, and smile from miles away.
— Mariana
Alexander, this brought me to tears (inspired & happy ones) . . . I am so excited for this challenge. Thank you for being so open and honest.
— Maureen
Alexander, I found you through Marie Forleo’s B-School. I loved your story, signed up for your emails, and then thought to myself with sarcasm, ‘another sign-up email to read’ . . . Now I realize how wrong I was . . . I love your emails, you’re incredible.
— Josh
I just want to live inside your brain for a day!
— Malory
You drew me into your energy with your first paragraph Alexander the Great! I loved your picture, and put it up as my screen saver. ‘Make Sit Happen’—I love it.
— Sherry
Brilliant as they would say here in London with their accent! I must get back to meditating and take this challenge to do so. You my dear are an incredible writer.
— Nettie
I love your spirit, message of love & courage. You let your light shine and it gives people permission to do the same.
— Alex
I love reading your words. I was talking to my spirits guides and asking for help, to point me in a direction to get centered again, and then boom! There you were—right in the middle of my social media posts!
— Rachael
Very Cool!
— Melinda
Alexander! Totally awesome message to get in my inbox. THANK YOU! I’ve been on a huge spiritual path for myself the last few years and I really appreciate your work.
— John
It’s getting juicier and juicier. You’re in the zone. Keep doing what you are doing because it’s spilling over onto me, and I really, really like it. All my love.
— Mike
Oh how I loved your email on Monday. Thank you from the depths of me. I was in the midst of sorting out an upcoming appointment with a rheumatologist to read some blood work. I was scared, really scared, about what it all would mean. And knew that whatever he would tell me, good or bad, that the power was in my own hands, my own mind, in my own mindfulness and choices of how to treat my time here, on this beautiful planet.

Then, I got your email. And, I no longer felt alone. I thought of you, and you gave me strength. I thought of your video on the beach. And wondered if you had been scared the day they read your blood work and found HIV. I wondered if you had always been brave, or if it was relatively new for you. I sat in awe and gratitude.
— Jeannie