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Trail One

Trail Talking Points

Meditation Myths

  1. Am I Doing It Right?

  2. I Can’t Get My Mind To Quiet Down

Mindful Mindset Shift

Exploring the M-Word (Meditation)

Let’s open up the M-Word, shall we?

The word ‘meditation’ is tricky, obscure, and carries baggage.

When you get stuck trying to ‘meditate’, focus on one of these trails instead:

  • Listen

  • Look

  • Love

  • Observe

  • Witness

  • Sit With

  • Notice

  • Turn Towards

  • Explore

  • Discover

  • Remember

  • Uncover

  • Investigate

  • Practice

  • Breathe


Episode 101: Why Learning To Meditate Might Be Your Biggest Mistake!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We all feel like we need to be doing something, meditating the right way, figuring it out, learning, perfecting, etc.

I recently overheard a woman say out loud to her friend: “I really need to start meditating!”

It got me to thinking.

Why do we feel like we need to meditate?

Once you entertain the idea, you’ll quickly feel the need to learn how.

In this podcast episode I’ll offer ideas on switching the way you approach meditation.

HINT: It’s something you already know how to do. It’s something simple and quite difficult with the pace and speed in which your travel most days. It’s something to uncover, remember, and settle into.