I have been on the receiving end of Alexander Smith’s wisdom, brilliance, and devotion to truth for eight years now. His courage and raw inspired honesty have broadened my horizons in every aspect of my life—be it relational, professional, creative, health wise, consciousness, and joy factor. Alexander is the real deal. He has walked a path of personal inquiry combined with audacious and bold presence. His full disclosure dance with HIV and his commitment to shifting the collective consciousness from fear to love in this regard have deeply impacted my own awareness of personal limitations and lack of congruency in so many aspects of my life. Alexander is inspired, bold, and a truly relevant resource and guide regarding personal and professional empowerment. My life vibrancy quotient has increased; specifically due to Alexander’s guiding and inspiring influence in my life. I recommend his coaching services to anyone interested in going deeper and broader in any aspect of their own lives. Alexander is a blessing and gift to this world.
— Vanessa Johansson

Rave Reviews About Viral Mindfulness Monday.
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I’ve been reading your Monday musings since our yoga retreat in Joshua Tree. What a sweet pleasure to look forward to each week. I especially appreciated your comments on the importance of silence in our lives. This gives me the opportunity to here my own voice and it often has some very important things to say. Thank you for sharing yourself this way, with all of us out here in email land. You’re a gift. Namaste!
— Anna Larson
Thank you so much for your emails . . . I feel your light, positivity, and smile from miles away.
— Mariana
I love your weekly letters from the heart. Very touching & grounding. I love inversions and as one of my yoga teachers says: ‘We need to view life from a different perspective.’ You are my email inversion.
— Tracy
Alexander, I found you through Marie Forleo’s B-School. I loved your story, signed up for your emails, and then thought to myself (with sarcasm): ‘Another sign-up email to read’ . . . Now I realize how wrong I was. Your emails are incredible!
— Josh
Alexander, your email brought me to tears (inspired & happy ones) . . . I am so excited for your mindfulness challenge this week. Thank you for being so open and honest.
— Maureen
I whisper hello through moonlight. You are deepening dear brother. Another gift you continually nurture is your way with words. Healing anthems of light. I’ve so enjoyed finding solace in all flavors of moments, smiling in the feast of you. I lay your warm words down and oft parched throat. Flowers bloom in a desert soul. Your stories freckle my life. Thank you for taking time to give. To sit. To ponder. To shine. I love the man you are!
— Bryce Orvin
I cannot tell you how much I look forward to Viral Mindfulness Monday . . . I love it! Your messages are always spot on, with photos full of joy and life (even in the midst of your recent loss). Your art is beautiful & inspiring. It’s amazing how an email can deliver so much love, joy, caring, and expressionism, straight from your heart.
— Kim
I love your spirit and message of love & courage. You let your light shine and it gives people permission to do the same.
— Alex
If Alexander is showing up in your life you can count on two things—a safe place to be yourself, and life changing breakthrough moments. You’ll find clarity on the issues that are holding you back from being the best you can be.
— John Harvey Cates