What If We Spent The Summer Exploring Stillness?

I’d certainly build us a digital campground (this landing page), with all of the inspiration and fun!

Drum Roll Please 🥁 INTRODUCING…

Viral Mindfulness Monday emails, in audio form.

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Alexander in Zion National Park getting sharing Viral Mindfulness

I’m honored to share some juice from my recent camping trip to Zion National Park.

I pitched my tent next to the Virgin River and recorded her glorious melody. I've put together a simple guided meditation for you. We'll sit next to the river for a few minutes, and then sit in stillness and silence for two minutes.

Don't underestimate how sitting with me in guided meditation for eight minutes, several times this week, could be the very medicine you've been calling forth.

Have you ever heard a chorus of frogs, mating near a small creek, during the peak of Spring?

Jude and Alexander on a Viral Mindfulness Adventure in Zion National Park
Alexander capture Jude napping in Zion!

 This meditation will be available Monday, July 22, 2019.

 This meditation will be available Monday, August 22, 2019.