B-School Alumni "Ladies Who Lunch"

In 2013 I enrolled for Marie Forleo's B-School. One of the highlights of this online business school is the community of students. In the Spring of 2015, Lou Niestadt was visiting family in Beverly Hills, and we finally met in person. We fell in love instantly! I received an email in the Winter of 2016 with a thank you for my newsletter in which I shared an essay from Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Lou put her magic all over one of her favorite quotes and sent it out to the online world. She was grateful for the reminder of putting herself out into the harbor where adventure awaits.

I decided to illustrate my favorite quote from the essay. And put myself out there, next to an amazing new friend, and obviously, very gifted illustrator. I aspire to your talent Lou. And cannot wait for us to test drive your new Porsche (Our hands are pointing to her illustrated intention). 

And we couldn't help but giggle that our special occasion was stamped with a bee on our glassware.

We love B-School!

Your Body Is The Path

Edmond Jabés, Egyptian Poet

"Never say you have arrived because everywhere you are -- a traveler is in transit."

"All roads start from the body and lead back to it. The body is the road."

I have found a love for pen. And the way I discovered this: I signed up for a Saturday afternoon art class. At a studio in Hollywood, for twenty-five dollars. You can see the guest artist demonstrated a leg on my page. His leg is the best one (I think), and the solo-leg. This was my first time jumping into this style. I love it! You've got to put yourself out there. And try all kinds of mediums. On the creative hunt for my preferences. How about you? And I love drawing men!

My First Boyfriend & Watercolor

This was my very first watercolor as an adult.

I had always wanted to draw and paint. My penmanship was nearly perfect (that’s what they told me in grade school), and my fingers could dazzle the keys of a piano, but my ability to draw, sketch and paint was elementary. For years, due to numerous forms of fear, I had ignored a creative intelligence from within. A recurring heart-beat to try watercolors.

In 2005, I found courage in the presence of another person (a community of creative intelligence, yes, two people). Exquisite Jane. A "classic" from my turntable of college friends. A friendship that has opened like a fine wine with aroma and bouquet over two decades.

On the Upper East Side of Manhattan, in her decadent studio, she unpacked cold pressed Italian paper, paints, and pens. She invited me to participate. I simply decided to surrender. (Thank God!) I borrowed courage from Jane, trusted her directions, tapped into my voice, found comfort in the simple, and remained as present and mindful as I could. Timid broad strokes funneled from my heart onto that small piece of expensive paper. I was on vacation from Salt Lake City without my boyfriend Jake, and decided to paint him a gift. My love for NYC, HBO's Sex & The City, Jane, and Jake, came together in a perfect storm of creative intelligence.

Our minds often exaggerate the unpleasant emotions we feel in expressing the creative intelligence we hope to learn. A mindful approach divorces judgement, criticism, or attachment, and becomes friendly, even flirtatious, with your fear. Be willing to receive the benefits of your creativity and accept that you have very little control of it. 

With repeated rhythmic contractions your creative intelligence will expand and open up. 

This is my most current watercolor. It's a creative (and spiritual) project I'm working on. And I've made the courageous (or crazy) decision to give you access to my process here at the SKLOG. Oh, and guess what? A special artist is going to make an appearance and coach me along this creative endeavor. You can bet I'll be throwing some tantrums. You won't want to miss it!

Give Your Mind Something To Gnaw On!

Give Your Mind Something To Gnaw On!

I recently listened to a lovely man share his practice of working with his mind. His likes to gnaw on stuff. It made me chuckle as I imagine mine chewing the shit out of things. His recommendation is to feed your mind daily & deliberately, from the very best ideas. Give your mind positive, hopeful, intelligent, divine, creative, humorous, and mindful ideas to gnaw on! At breakfast that morning, his ideas simmered into my creativity and my hands steeped into sketching.