The Muse For My Summer Picnic Challenge

I'm tickled Hello-Kitty-Pink to share today's special episode of Alexander TV.

How are your picnic plans coming along? The entries are rolling in, and there are only 3 requirements.

  1. Join My Tribe with your email address. It's called Viral Mindfulness Monday.
  2. Throw a picnic.
  3. Send proof via email (words), pic, or video. ( or text to 801-654-2218).

The rest is irrelevant. Can the picnic be a barbecue? A pool party? I threw one last month, does that count? Can I picnic alone? Yes, yes, yes. Just get yourself on top of the above 3 rules, and you're entered to win the watercolor grand prize.

Someone asked why I was doing this? It's simple & fun, and one of the best parts of Summer. It's a perfect mindfulness exercise with immediate results. 

Mindfulness is changing my life, opening my heart, unleashing my creativity, and strengthening my immune system. And right now, life is pretty heavy for a lot of people. The world could benefit from more happy pic-nic-ers. So why don't you join me?

Did you hear what happened at my picnic last weekend? And I've another one planned for this coming weekend. 

Enjoy the first episode of Alexander TV this season. I've got a childlike hunch this might light your picnic fire. I'm honored to introduce my three picnic muses: Ethan, Carter & Faye!