How to throw a GoPro Picnic (Bobble-Head-Style)

WARNING!!!! My Nephew Zane submitted some pretty hilarious picnic GoPro footage ..... from a picnic we threw in April for my little brother's surprise birthday party.

I was a little nervous about it after his explanation. Until I watched the footage. And laughed, non-stop, for the entire 45 seconds. This might be the most hilarious footage I've ever seen of myself (trust me, there's plenty of footage out there). I'm waiting to exhale for some blackmail footage to show up in my future.

I think you're gonna bobble-till-you-drop with laughter at today's episdoe of Alexander TV. 

The joke's on me and the mindfulness challenge is on you.

There's still time to submit your entry. Don't laugh too hard, and just for accountability's sake, I'd love to hear from you in the comment section below.

What are your picnic plans?

What's been preventing you from following through with your plans?

And for the GoPro Pic-nic-ers ..... What was the best part of your picnic?

PS And what do you think of Zane's footage?