101: Why Learning How To Meditate Might Be Your Biggest Mistake

Explore Highlights from episode 101: Why Learning To Meditate Might Be Your Biggest Mistake

  • I recently overheard a woman say aloud: “I really need to start meditating!” Here’s my preliminary diagnosis. (1:38)

  • My questions for you: Do you feel like you need to start meditating? If you have a practice do you need to meditate more often? Do you need to “learn how to meditate”? Do you feel like you need someone to teach you? (4:36)

  • Meet the sponsor of this podcast episode. HINT: It’s an exciting announcement about the future of Viral Mindfulness. (6:13)

  • Why learning to meditate is your big mistake? Why having meditation on your to-do-list is causing you a block. (8:41)

  • I want to help you get clear: Is meditation right for me, at this time in my life? I will introduce three exercises to help you find your answer. Right now. (11:00)

  • Exercise One. Inspired by my online spiritual teacher Adyashanti. “Meditation is not the truth. Meditation is a means of revealing the truth.” You’ll answer two questions (13:08)

  • Write down a few short answers to these two questions: What do you aspire for with meditation? What will meditation do for you? (15:05)

  • Exercise Two. How do Steven Pressfields’s 7 Principles Of Resistance relate to meditation. Pressfield is the genius behind cult classics on creativity: The War of Art, Turning Pro, Do the Work, Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t, and most recently, The Artist’s Journey. (16:46)

  • Exercise Three. Do the thing and you will have the power. All the teachings need to drop into your being. I’ll guide you for 60 seconds to quiet your mind, sit still, drop down from your head and listen to your heart. (23:09)

  • One minute guided meditation exercise: “Is meditation right for you at this time?” (25:02)

  • Introducing PP …. Surprise! I introduce a fun podcast segment and break before the conclusion. Give it a quick listen. You won’t regret it. (27:10)

  • Everything changed for my meditation when I learned this…. (28:51)

  • Learn about my free meditation available to download. (29:39)

  • Quick teaser about next week’s episode. (31:00)

Take action now and download this free ten minute guided meditation! Let’s sit next to Onion Creek and meditate.