August 31, 2017 | 11:24 AM


Synchronous Rotation

After Dizzy rolled Bags Jackson
and his vibes outta Detroit
Bags wrote his love songs in
the minor keys. Said the minor
registers the heart. The magnet
of us: iron filings thrown up
the greedy gullet of space
before one turn humbles
another slow as hours plucked
through catgut blue. Please,
the old song goes, send me
someone to love. Me? Who
am I kidding? Every day I meet
some minor love or two.
Hey you:
let’s toss our tarantellas
across the tracks. Let’s
reveal one another
bit by puckered bit. Let’s
emit this fit of heat
before we burn.
Or let’s burn.

Samiya Bashir

A new poem by a top Portland Poet

PS We should toss our tarantellas across the tracks.



Beautiful poem. Some minor love or two 💕


Last Snowman by Simon Armitage