Hi Team!

Here is access and my recommendations and instructions for revisions.

Please view and work on a desktop for this round of revisions. Mobile optimization will come after we have finalized this version. Also, page names and titles, up in the browser tabs, have not been set up yet until we finalize this version, as these are related to SEO optimization.

Malory and I have already completed one round of revisions.

*Let’s go live as soon as we can with this idea:

This version of 2.0 is better than 1.0. With input from Only a select few.

From here, we can hide pages we ‘don’t like’, the ones we’re working on, revising, etc. AND, we can continue to build out the deeper levels of the Neighborhood/Community pages, I’ll keep manually transferring over blog posts from the old site, and we can add anything we need.

Going live as soon as we can gets Malory and I in to the full 2.0 back end with very helpful features for ads, CAB-ing, and FUB lead flow. And our overall next steps with Tim Cassi.

I don’t think we should obsess about head shots or the team pictures for now. I know some of the group shots have old team members, and this is the best I could find to fit in this overall design. I don’t think it’s going to matter to have them there for a short period until we re-create The Smith Group selfie, and or have some team photos taken.

The recommendation in a lot of places is that we use our faces, and pictures of our people for those main landing team pages. They get more clicks and conversions.