Hi Team!

Here is a video/screen capture that shows you how to prepare your list, and provide me with a .CSV file.

I will be exporting lists from Follow Up Boss tomorrow and posting the file right here for you to download.

****Huge apologies on the Mailchimp sync mix-up between Follow Up Boss (your contacts), and the main Smith Group list. We've addressed this issue and have a solution. Your contacts were emailed from our main Smith Group Mailchimp account on Wednesday, November 22, Monday, November 27, Thursday, November 30, and Wednesday, December 13.

The issue is fixed. Mailchimp has been disconnected from Follow Up Boss. 

Our Smith Group Mailchimp account has a new list with exports from our original list as of Tuesday November 22, right before the accidental merge.

*If you're looking for your list. Please email me and I will send over your file.