As a Founding Member you’ll be on my Board of Trustees. You’ll help me make important decisions over the next few years. And I will finally have a small group of intimate members, where I can share deep and honest meanderings of mindfulness, without hesitation, in a password protected area, for founding members only. I no longer desire to put all my information online, at my website, for anyone to use. I will still offer plenty of authentic and helpful information for visitors. But now, I need a private space to discuss openly, the details of my book, candid conversations regarding my recovery from drugs & alcohol, relationships with men, my sexual healing, lessons with the Divine, my beautiful Smith Family (I refer to them as my Blood Tribe), HIV & AIDS, and full access to all of my sketches and artwork. (Which include some nude drawings from figure study classes I’ve been taking in LA).

It will be a shared and sacred space for you to make comments, and perhaps reach out and get to know other founding members. As a Founding Member, you will have priority VIP access to all future programs, opportunities, and live events. 

Your biggest responsibility will be to keep your heart and mind open as wide as the ocean, and show up here, online, at my website, with questions, comments, and input. Especially when you’re inspired. Vulnerability and authenticity is encouraged. If any people in your immediate circles are in need of one-on-one coaching, I'd like your consideration as a referral.