FUB Stages

Please Choose One Below.

Lead: someone you have never talked to and know nothing about. If you do not move your contact from LEAD by May 1, 2019, Digital Team (Alexander, Malory & Intern Jennifer), will be moving them ENGAGE, and they’ll start receiving weekly Tuesday emails.

Hot Prospect: will be buying or selling in the next 0-3 months

Nurture: natural stepping stone from ‘LEAD’….. this is your limbo stage. AND ACCURATELY: will be buying or selling in the next 3-12 months

Buyer: is your client—buyer rep signed.

Seller: is your client—listing agreement signed.

Closed: buyer or seller contract closed—add a tag for “Closed (year)”

Past Client: move all contacts with a tag of “Closed (year)” at the end of December.

Contact: professional network— such as real estate agent or vendor.

Sphere: referral network, friends, family.

Trash: has unsubscribed, passed away, no valid phone or email.

Engage: Contact will receive our weekly email BLAST, on Tuesdays, #MarketMatters, from Tim and Team signature.