FUB Stages

This is where we are headed with how to categorize your lists and contacts in Follow Up Boss.

Lead: someone you have never talked to and know nothing about

Hot Prospect: will be buying or selling in the next 0-3 months

Nurture: will be buying or selling in the next 3-12 months

Buyer: is currently your client

Seller: is currently your client

Closed: they had a closing this year as a buyer or seller

Past Client: they closed with you in 2016 or before

Contact: a real estate agent or vender

Sphere: family, friend or in your referral network

Trash: has unsubscribed

*What additional categories do you need for a stage?

Request from Sawsan to differentiate with seller nurture & buyer nurture. Also: 'farm'. (thank you Sawsan for submitting through Q & A)!