The Birth Of Viral Mindfulness

This whole journey has been exciting. With expansive creative energy I've also learned I feel the flip side as well: doubt, fear, comparison, overwhelm—just to name a few.

I've learned to launch with courage into the movement and retreat with compassion and awareness.

The idea and brand of 'Viral Mindfulness' found me near the ocean, barefoot in the sand, on a run. I needed a Mother Ship to hold all of my ideas since there were several pillars of focus, including HIV & AIDS.

It also seemed like 'Bless Your Virus' was pigeon holing me into a specific niche with limited opportunity.

For editing my own footage I started exactly with the resources at my feet. Since my Mac computer was loaded with iLife, I moved right into learning how to use iMovie. I find editing very interesting, piecing it all together into a visual melody. It's also quite time consuming. 

Ten Years of Living With HIV/AIDS

A Pause In Decades


One day, early after my arrival to Southern California, I decided to write a 'Dime Story' and read it live at their Orange County event in Laguna Beach. Little did I know a couple of my friends and family members would spread word and show up at the reading to support me.

Dime Stories are three-minute stories read by the author at live open mics, showcase events, and on the radio.

Funny thing happened, I placed in the top three that month. Listen to the live recording from Dime Story Archives.