Welcome To My Podcast!
I'm honored to spend a little time in your ears.

#01: Make Sit Happen

A Mini-Mindfulness Meditation
(2.0 minutes)


Check Out These Highlights From Episode #01: make Sit Happen

  • Introduction and reasons for my podcasting. [1:55]
  • Background on my clinical work as a therapist. [3:38]
  • My 'two-word' focus for 2018. [4:16]
  • Spiritual wells to nourish your path. [5:15]
  • What did two different Viral Mindfulness tribe members have to say about my two words for 2018? Listen to their response [11:40]
  • Aligning your personality & ego to a Divine Creative Intelligence in your life [12:50]
  • The story about my first time meditating in 2002 and how I freaked out (also a fun story about the Utah Winter Olympics in 2002). [16:06]
  • Four smart tips to guide your meditation and make sit happen this week. Including instruction about a short 'passage meditation' audio. [19:07]
  • Passage Meditation information [23:26]
  • Meditation turns and tunes me inward. Benefits of facing the discomforts of meditations. [24:40]
  • A surprise phone call I received this week... [25:35]