Are You Ready? It's Showtime.

Sunday, September 24, 2017
Huntington Beach | 2PM


We're gathering around my piano for an intimate concert celebrating a very important milestone in my life: two consecutive years of continuous sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

I'm on a mission to inspire other people to find their most authentic music, and then, cultivate a courage to share it with the people in their lives. I use music here as a metaphor for the gifts, talents, passions, interests, dreams, and creativity brewing inside of you.

I'd never ask you to do something I wasn't practicing myself. And so, I decided to throw a concert! A super-soul-filled-Sunday-afternoon with my favorite people and some of the most interesting music I've been learning.

From Gershwin to Bach and Mozart & Brahms. I'll sing to you and serenade two different sections of piano solos and cover songs.

Music is a special part of my life and I know its transformational power. There's sheer beauty in hearing love and light along a melody which confirms to me its divine origin. Music has a way of reaching us like no other force. I'm honored you've accepted your invitation to my second official concert since I made my return to piano performance four years ago.


Please plan on arriving at 1:45 so you can say hello to my other guests. You're welcome to dress as you please, I know some wanted to wear their Sunday best, and some who are coming super cozy-comfy-casual, even shorts. It's fine! Think New York City theater. 

As for me, I'm sure there will be a few costume changes, perhaps a wig, or even a fur coat for emphasis.

Most important, please open your heart this week to something bigger than you, on a Divine Note, and come willing next week to listen, and enjoy the music and mindful words I've prepared whole-heartedly for each one of you. Keep me in your thoughts & prayers this week that I might be an instrument in this continued path of sobriety and sharing my music, gifts & truth!

During the concert I ask that all of your devices be powered down and turned off. We're parking our phones people! I'm so excited for you to meet each other and to be present with new friends, with me, and the music. There will be around 22 of us, and after the concert, during the encore (shhhh! pretend like you're surprised when I leave and then return for an encore), you're welcome to turn you're phones on and film video, take pictures, or post to social media. 

The program will be one hour in length and there will be no refreshments served. You're welcome to bring your afternoon beverages, and I'm sure some of us will gather after for pictures and conversation. Perhaps some of us could head over to the beach, and the Pacific City area for a snack, or continued celebration.

Whenever people enter my home I always ask one favor. It choruses with the famous words of Jill Bolte Taylor's inspiring story: "Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into my space!"


Address & Parking

18881 Mora Kai Lane #31
Huntington Beach, CA, 92646

For immediate text & Information: 801.654.2218



Any open spots along Mora Kai Lane, and surrounding streets are available for you to park, however, Sundays, most people are home, so parking tends to be limited.

A sure fire bet, would be for you to park along the other side of Mora Kai Lane, across Garfield, in a neighborhood of homes, where this street becomes Colchester Lane. You can use the cross walk to enter into Mora Kai Lane & Mora Kai Apartment Homes. My apartment is actually in the last building, on your left, at the end of Mora Kai Lane. See below!