Twin Salamanders

Twins are showing up lately. At Instagram I binge on Cheyenne Jackson's posts. His husband, their cute twin toddlers, and plenty of behind-the-scenes celebrity LGBT inspiration.

A new friend entered stage left of my life and we are like creative twin soul siblings.

We spend time with tea, words, giggles, and notes. At my piano bench we've found home base.

On one occasion we wrestled with words through timed practice. I merged the prose into a poem with wonder twin powers.

And to our amusement the word 'salamander' emerged separately from each of our scribbles.

Twin Salamanders

cylinder of pink tutus
by the sanctity of beet root
curls of irons crayoned on her face
forsaken grocery store Santa Claus

scream for no man's daughter
mongrel of penguins hoping between
fear the looking spectre of Madonna
poppers of meth

who came for the soothsayer's suitcase?
runways in heels and sharp swords of flesh
don't lie

even saunas get Erections in july
cumming Purple Pansies

*Alexander Blue + Jude Theriot