Sync With Creative Intelligence Daily

This is my first episode of Alexander TV shared in one take, completely unedited and unfiltered (except for the quick intro …. gotta have the intro). Yesterday’s sunrise at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve was astonishing in color and creative intelligence. I want you to see it! After I grabbed footage I went deep into the center of the Wetlands for a morning run. 

At one point thirteen ducks flew over the trail directly in front of me. Several hundred yards further, I stood reverently underneath seven birds perched in the tree tops. Six blue herons and an osprey, also known as the sea or river hawk. Another trail runner suddenly stopped beside me and pointed out a nest beyond our view: “There’s the home of the Great Horned Owls. They’ll be here soon.”

WTF? Messages of wisdom from owls headed to my mornings. I cannot wait.

It’s so important (and helpful) to cultivate some creative intelligence, even Divine Creative Intelligence, before you get too deep into your day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a morning or night person. What matters is that you actually spend some time syncing in your way with your creative intelligence. 

I’ve noticed profound benefits in my life from this practice. And particularly, in the Summer of 2015, when I followed a subtle whisper to rise with the sun regularly at the Wetlands. I read spiritual and self-help books in my car, run the trails, yoga poses on the earth, film & take pictures, pray & meditate, witness the sunrise & animals, and make friends with the other creatively intelligent humans along the path.

Do I make it every morning? Of course not, but most days I do. And sometimes it’s a modified version in my living room, on the bedroom floor, or the roof top of my apartment building.

If it's only one out of your seven days, it will make a difference. 

Get to it my tribe! We’re in the thick of Winter & syncing with creative intelligence will help you. All my love to your mindful week. 

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