So Many Walls

Why are there so many walls, barriers, and things that keep us from immersion and surrender to nature?

After several days in my tent for New Years, my first morning home, I awoke in shock.

I’m accustom to this inversion.

Walls, windows, lines, man-made-things and barriers invade my vision. Through the bedroom I enter a narrow stretch of more walls that lead to a mini square-- a sort of epicenter-- on my right's the office with computers, devices, and patiently waiting work projects. Directly in front of me's a windowless bathroom, and to my right, a rectangle living room with large pieces of furniture.

Layer after layer impedes my immersion into nature.

It's so simple for me in Joshua Tree. I step outside my tent and I'm in the magnitude of Mother Nature.

I slide the patio door open and break free from walls. Under my trusted avocado tree I inhale spurts of sky and sunrise, while a mass of concrete, cars, wires, and buildings threaten my nirvana.

Total immersion in Nature is one of the important spiritual wells I'm learning to draw from. It grounds and provides a unique canvas for me to integrate the spiritual lessons on my plate. In the beauty and protection of national parks I find magic and silence. Surrendering to the universal rhythm of sunrise and sunset, hiking and walking for most of the day, and creating device free blocks of time, I'm invited to float along a river of solitude.

When I ascend into the stillness of Nature, beyond words and music, I hear God and Truth, in the space between the notes. 

It's medicine to my soul.

When I look down from atop Rattle Snake Canyon, not a human in sight, as far as I can see, in every direction, I realize there's a similar terrain that lies within me.

I sense layers of limitless space and expansive terrain within as I explore mindfulness, meditation, silence, spirituality, compassion, and creativity.

Meditation from Mother Earth's bosom encourages a unique echo and reflection. Normally when I sit, and open my eyes, I'm looking at walls, concrete, or paint. Man made layers. In deep nature, it's transformative when I look out from my meditation seat and witness fingerprints of Goddess.

I encourage you to find your way with Nature!