Shadow & Light

It's not working. Anymore.
Your pain swims fast.

Change your color.
Set down the green crayon and pick up purple.

Reach into your toolbox of spiritual brushes, pencils and paints.
Be generous and empathetic with your pain.
From the middle, a neutral spot,
(don't cling & don't run),
Work with both shadow and light.
It's too predictable to grasp the light and avoid shadow.
Your ego is like a sea witch.
Her tentacles love to smother shadow and neglect light.

Spirituality is a fertile soil.
She supports shadow and light.
She whispers: "Blend. Add more shadow. Now a little light.
Keep blending, add, blend, add."

Stop with perfect and float.

You'll be surprised as depth, complexity, texture and character,
Emerge from deep spiritual purples.