Reflections Of The Divine

I cannot stop chewing on this juicy sentence from author Jack Kornfield:

"Our lives appear as reflections of the divine, as a movement or dance of consciousness."

This is a knowledge I came to understand directly in my body in 2016. David Alexander Smith's life is a reflection of the divine. I am consciousness and have the capacity to move like a dancer. In order for this to be true I have to continually surrender to this divinity. Practice faith, befriend fear, and extend service to help fellow travelers around me. 

A few weeks ago I find myself trapped in fear about my career and some of the debt I've accumulated along the transition from Utah. When I finally meet my state of mind I'm standing on a corner in downtown Huntington Beach, gazing upward at the moon and stars, and drawing steadily from a cigarette.

I smile at my fear and relationship with tobacco in excessive moments.

I open my mouth and speak honestly to the Divine Artist I know as God. 

With a deep breath I whisper: "I'm turning this over to your design."

"I don't know how this is going to happen. I'm afraid. I feel bad for missed opportunities along the way. I believe and want to trust you. I acknowledge this fear and choose to place my faith in your creative intelligence."

That honest and quick I notice a reflection of the Divine within me. I finish my cigarette, surrender a brand new pack to the dudes on the street corner, strutt my consciousness back to the car, and choose not to look back.