Purple Foundation

What is your intention behind reaching for that _________? (Fill in the blank.)

Reaching for that drink. A drink of water, coffee, cola, or Johnny Walker Red. Reaching for that next project. Another series on Netflix. One more like on Instagram. Reaching for a credit card to make another purchase. Reaching for an angry or irritated response to your person.

What about your intention while reaching to help that person next to you who's struggling with depression? Why do you help? Why might you reach for a connection with a creative intelligence that's bigger than you?

The foundation, motivation, intention, or reason behind your dance through life is worth exploring. It could offer opportunity to solidify more synchronicity and flow.

I was surprised when I recently realized I was reaching to awaken and connect with Divine Grace so I could feel better. So I could bypass pain. 

Funny, right? I'm sure you can understand.

Pain is a pivotal part of life, a valuable teacher, even a friendly foe. It's been said the medicine for your pain is in the pain itself. 

In 2016 I chose FUN for my word for the year. Often now, when at a crossroad I ask myself: What's the path of fun right now? How can I focus on fun? How can I tap into fun and solve this perceived problem?

This year I chose to have fun creating a Halloween costume, because I knew I needed some extra laughter and creativity this month.

What could be more fun than a costume in need of an entirely painted purple face? One that would utilize a purple cream foundation called 'Vivid Violet'.

Several months ago a close friend of mine committed suicide because he was in too much pain. This same friend told me one day, in friendly fun conversation, that if I were a drag queen my name should be MIss Diagnosed. 

Here's to you old friend. Thanks for helping me create a new foundation in my life, one of a spiritual nature, with tentacles willing to surrender to a Divine Grace that's bigger than me. This foundation is making an ocean of difference in my life, and the way I'm choosing to respond to your death, and, new life for both of us.