No Thank You, I Have Enough

I recently meditated with a group of like-minded people and afterwards we discussed gratitude.

Definitions of thankful and grateful were dissected as my mind landed on Brené Brown's quote: "The opposite of scarcity is not abundance; the opposite of scarcity is simply enough."

When I first read these words last year they were curious and insightful. As one who has studied extensively the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, making a choice to acknowledge that I have enough, and take action accordingly, is not my driving strategy.

Simply Enough.

Simply Enough.

These words quiet a hungry obsession I've noticed within me to get more, produce more, and achieve more.

In the stillness and light of that night's conversation, I decided to allow a fresh perspective of gratitude to direct my sleigh this holiday season.

I'm going to practice saying (sometimes): "No, thank you, I have enough, what do you need? How can I help?" Saying no thank you can be hard for me. From there I'll pivot with an honest lens of gratitude and identify how I have enough. At that point I'll look around me, see who doesn't have enough, or might be in need, and then offer to help or share.

I'm not going to focus entirely on monetary scenarios either. 

Someone might need a listening ear, a hug, eye contact, a kiss, a lift to the airport, or help with their December rent.

For example: What if I said to a prospective client, "No, thank you, I have enough work for the remainder of the year, can I offer a referral for you, I know someone who'd be perfect for this job." Or maybe, I simply say: "No, thank you, I'm not available for hire until January," and then use my extra time to be with someone in my life who could use friendship, fun, and support.

What if I made a decision to eat at home next time I was headed to a restaurant? Take the money I save, drop it in an envelope, write on the outside: "I have simply enough and want to practice gratitude by sharing this with you. I think you're amazing. Have a great day! Pay it forward." 

I could even mediate and pray, and ask for guidance, as to whom in my life might need such a gift.

What if I ask my friends & family, regularly, over the next few weeks: "I'm so grateful, I have simply enough, and want to know if there's anything you need, how can I help?"

On a subtle pallet, taking into account my current state of connection (and support) from my Higher Power, when my phone rings next, and a close friend asks how I'm doing, I can bravely say "I'm fine, things are going well, please, tell me everything that's happening in your world." And then listen, and listen some more, and focus all of my love on this beautiful person's important words.

I am grateful, and I know there's a perfect opportunity in our world right now, to add more to the lives of the people around us.

I hope you'll consider joining me.