My Early Mornings

My best friend is a night owl.

Who. Who.

I was a night owl once. Late teens and twenties.

This invitation is about a sacred time during each of your days to connect with spirit and some Divine Intelligence. This is not a morning vs. night debate, although they're fun. I choose mornings as my regular time to plug-in. Today, I started with listening to the teachings of Adyashanti via audiobook. I am quite aware that his words point me to the moon. So I continually draw from them as a start to my day. 

I move to my mat or the floor and pose and breathe. 

I drink something hot, from coffee to hot water with lemon, and many teas between.

I pray and meditate. I quiet and listen. And reach towards a 'Higher Power' to guide my day.

I read from books that inspire creativity, travel, online business, literature, art, and spirituality.

I offer gratitude.

I breathe, in and out, deep and mindful, and look at all the illusions that beckon my adoration.

I invite you to find your sacred space and time every day.