I'm Haunting Your Inbox This Week

Inspired by two of my online people, ones I've never met, and follow, and treat myself regularly to their awesome entrepreneur-focused content, have unknowingly tricked me into today's blog post.

Seth Godin, one of the culprits, told Marie Forleo, the other guilty party, in a recent interview:

"We're wasting the chance of a lifetime. This is our revolution. Anyone with a hundred bucks can connect to a billion and a half people around the world, anytime they want to. We live in this place where we each have more leverage, and a bigger platform than any human on earth ever had before us. And internally, if not this moment, when? If we're not going to speak up now, are things going to be easier or better a year from now. We wait for things to calm down, we wait for it to be the right moment, but this is the right moment."

I've made a decision to blog every day this week and challenge my Inner Writer. You're invited to join me daily. We'll explore the power and fun in becoming new versions of ourselves. Hopefully improved ones. I'm passing out ideas, fun, giggles, permission, and Halloween inspiration.

I'm officially introducing you to Miss Diagnosed in her Halloween debut as Ursa-Leather.

And inviting you to create more fun in your life. Make room for courage and explore who you want to be and honor that expression. Rockford and I thought Miss Diagnosed would be a super fun project to pursue. One that would tap into some of our creative goals and offer time together as friends creating something magical.

We didn't know it was going to be some much fun. Like medicine to our souls. And that we'd laugh our asses off for hours and hours and fill our body with exponential amounts of endorphins and creativity.

We all play different characters, parts, and roles each day. I'm inviting you to open yourself up to new aspects of yourself that are trying to emerge. Especially ones connected to spirit, light & love!

Today your treat is a short episode of Alexander TV (less than a minute).

Take a moment and say hello. Share your comments or questions below.