Find Your Seat & Keep It


This one pretty much blew my mind.

I had painted this piece a couple weeks prior to my giving spree. When I brought my friend into the circle of awareness to receive an original watercolor from Mr. Blue I kept getting directed to gift this one.

"Give her the chairs!"

"Huh?!?! Who wants chairs?"

I love chairs. Particularly since I spent a decade working as a therapist and sitting across form person after person. I visited Paris and the Muse Picasso in 2002 and fell in love with his paintings that featured fragmented people sitting in chairs. I bought four prints and had them custom framed for my office.

After my morning yoga the demand continued: "Give her the chairs!"

"Alrighty already!"

One of my soul-siblings, a powerful mentor and friend, she's living with HIV/AIDS, totally sober from drugs & alcohol, and a spiritual swan, stood speechless in her kitchen staring at the piece. I stood next to her and watched. And waited. She had unwrapped the painting and kept a silent pose for several minutes. 

She finally spoke.

"Do you know the meaning of these chairs for me?"

I'm hanging from her tongue.

"Have you heard in recovery, and twelve steps, find your seat and keep it?"

Chairs on one side where three of her recently dead friends sat.

Alone. Off to the window side, was the chair she was fighting to stay alive for.