Fallin' Around With Weston

Some Viral Mindfulness Mondays are dedicated to Wednesday & Weston. We said our first hello in 2005 with an immediate recognition of friendship at the soul level. In 2014, far too soon I thought, I leaned over him in a hospital bed and said goodbye. A goodbye I didn't know how to do so I kissed him a second time on the forehead for good luck. He had been in the ICU for 9 days already fighting for life, traveling from open heart surgery caused by an Aortic Aneurysm and Aortic Dissection. Work responsibilities in Southern California were piling up, Weston's prognosis was looking precariously bleak, and I was going to fly home.

This past weekend I drove from Southern California through Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon to rendezvous with Weston. To say 'hello' and meet his new girlfriend at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch on Hells Backbone Road. To celebrate life. Yes, he nearly died several times in 2014, but today, he's more alive and present than ever.

Along linear highways I had plenty of travel time to circle my mind and surrender to the reverie of Mother Nature. There's a permanent part of us, eternal, massive, and within, that's often invisible, yet undoubtedly connected to the grandiosity of the beautiful world outside ourselves.

Perhaps you don't need to do more, or be more. What if you were to fall into your center, and touch the part of you that's connected to a natural state of okay-ness? A quality and rhythm that's not dependent on good things happening or misfortune. What if you were to surrender and adopt the quiet truth, that all is well, even if things around you are falling apart.

Sometimes Grace is wonderful and full of color. Other times it's down right painful and shitty.

This past weekend we frolicked in nature. We unplugged from work and relationship with devices (besides pictures, I swear). We spent time together in one of our favorite ways. In Mother Nature's bosom, circling stars, campfires, fall colors, streams, dogs, love, playfulness, water falls, ranches, conversation, laughter, and friendship.

I was tutored by the grand scheme of nature and its healing rhythm.

Your Viral Mindfulness challenge this week is to make a date with nature and one of your important persons.


I found some nuggets of wisdom from these original Viral Mindfulness Wednesday posts from 2014. I thought you would too. 

'A World Without Weston'
A Viral Mindfulness Wednesday
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How open are you to the inevitability of change?

How willing are you to be the catalyst for change in your life?

You see, we are constantly at risk of the inevitable side effects of this human life. Your mindfulness challenge for this week: do not hesitate one more day. Because you never know when that day will no longer be available for you.

I fly across state borders as we speak, and carry one cashmere baby-blue hand warmer from my pair. A pair that was given to me one Christmas by my best friend Weston Hall.

Weston has unfortunately encountered emergency heart surgery over the weekend and is currently on life support in an intensive care unit in Salt Lake City.

May love, cashmere, music, light, and our family strengthen his heart, mind, and body at this time. 

Will you take my challenge this week and push yourself open, without delay, with a whole lot of courage, love, and dedication for life.

And the music you wish to share.

Make that phone call, say you’re sorry, speak your truth, carve out some time this day for your practice and music. For the matters related to your heart.

It is love, people, ideas, music, practice, spirit, creativity, animals and light that strengthen us during these vulnerable and inevitable moments of life.

All my love to your mindful week, and to my Weston’s heart.

"Awakening our heart is the work of a lifetime."
—Pema Chödrön

'Waiting On Weston'
Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I never thought a Monday could be so raw and real. When I opened my eyes I realized I was waiting on Weston. After spending five days in the center of it all, I woke up alone, in Orange County, with an entire life, and a new day of possibility ahead of me. 

Often we wait between the future and the past, between pain and pleasure, and even between life and death. What about the space in the middle? With mindfulness, the moment in between is pivotal. It's all we have. It's a fertile soil with an invitation to grow exactly what you choose.

It's an opportunity to distract yourself or to deliberately awaken and design. 

I am grateful I found the courage today to deal with my life exactly as it was. I started with one foot at a time, from bed to floor, took a deep breath, and said aloud, with honest awareness: "This is really happening and I can do this." I cried for a bit and then made my way to coffee. 

By design I decided to practice and train today. I started with meditation, then yoga near the beach where I played my singing bowl and sang for Weston. I carved a detailed schedule of my day, by the minute, so I could stay with each moment and find the ability to find balance, flexibility, and strength this day.

Then I heard a song of prayer for Weston, right in the middle of all of this.

Your mindfulness challenge this week is two-fold. 

First, no more life in limbo. It's time to be deliberate and find the courage to share your unique song with your tribe, family, and community. And most important—with yourself. The strongest support in my return home arrived when I sat at my piano to practice and play music. 

What is your practice? Find one, design it, and begin today.

All my love to your mindful week.