Digital Remains

It's happened to me several times now. There's a death and I don't think to clear my phone of their digital remains. Phone contacts, old text messages, pics, or video clips.

Sometimes they're tucked away in a non-related text thread or email.

Suddenly, one day, I'm colliding with digital remains.

These were my last video clips and pics with Frannie last January before she died.

I finally pieced them together for my storage and healing. It's a bit eery to me, the week prior, I'm actually nibbling and chomping on her ear. This was the ear, and very side of her face that was most vulnerable in the coyote-attack.

So many moving pictures in the memory of our minds. I'm learning to witness all of them, and hold more attention to the actual pictures happening in the moments of today.

Meditation helps me train my mind.