Deck Your Thoughts With Boughs Of Mantras...

Deck Your Mind.jpg

This mantra was one of the first to ever find me. I lost the digital file during computer transitions and have been looking for it ever since.

During 2005-2014 I listened to this track often. During some of my darkest moments of drug addiction I used this track to add comfort, balance, and hope.

I figured some of you could use some additional light this holiday season.

Depleted from extended drug use, lack of sleep, and malnutrition it was inevitable I was going to crash. Deep in those trenches coupled with shame and paranoia I found it helpful to focus my mind on a repetitive mantra with a soothing voice.

That’s what I’ve shared below as an audio track.

I visited Utah last month to meet my best friend John Harvey Cates for the birth of his daughter. Within hours of her arrival his husband Kenneth Harvey, myself, John and Miss Rose found ourselves together in a quiet room.

John had prepared for this moment and wanted to play Harvey Rose her first music.

This was his choice!

I was blown away on so many levels.

He had found this through me, carried it on his travels, and wanted to share it with his daughter during her first few hours on earth.

Now I was reconnected with a powerful mantra and using it for totally different vantage points.

I’m so grateful I have found a path of complete sobriety. This Christmas Season I’m celebrating 3.5 years sober from my frenemy Miss Tina (crystal meth for those not familiar with her drag name).