Birthday Bash

It's my BIRTH DAY & of course I have a little gift for you, you know the helper in me... Today's musical offering is from PAL JOEY the Musical: "Bewitched." I also have an important question for you. I'm defining my next few years of focus for Viral Mindfulness and want to know how you'd best like to connect with me. Please cast your vote: (you can vote for more than one) A. My Memoir. The tales and travels of an undiscovered fairy. B. Regular Blog Posts on Mondays at It's called Viral Mindfulness Monday. C. Piano & Music Centered Content. Concerts and Live Events. Content specific to music and mindfulness and how to learn with gusto as you age. D. Viral Mindfulness the Podcast. Carry me in your ears with regular podcast specific to mindfulness, spirituality, meditation, creativity & therapeutic ideas for wellness. NOW LIVE! Flash Back Friday Episodes of Alexander TV :)

Posted by Alexander Smith on Sunday, August 6, 2017