American Idol-Ego Vs. Oprah's Super Soul Sessions

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I recently attended American Idol's Part I Series Finale at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. Several days later I attended Oprah's Super Soul Sessions 2 on the beautiful campus of UCLA. 

Two very different 'morning-afters' left me exploring the differences between ego and soul. 

In today's piano-podcast catch all the fun, listen to a short segment of a new song by George Gershwin I'm preparing for the soundtrack page, and get your mindfulness challenge for the week.

What are you going to feed this week? Your soul and spirit, or the ego! I discuss three therapeutic ideas to nurture and strengthen the world of your soul & spirit.

All my love to your mindful week!

I'd love to hear from you in the comment section below after you listen to the piano-podcast.
What differences do you see between ego and soul? What action will you take this week to feed your spirit & soul?

Marie Forleo's Super Soul Session
'Everything Is Figureoutable'

If you've been with me for a while, you know how much I love Marie Forleo.
I was in the audience to support her that day. She nailed it! The other speakers were unbelievably great. If you want to feed your soul this week, consider listening/watching each of the Super Soul Sessions in Series Two.

Our ticket guy | Purple + Blue

Pretty Women walking down the street of Sunset Boulevard

My American Idol Halo

The American Idol

Where's Alexander? 

UCLA, Royce Hall

Focusing my eye on the future ..... I will stand on this stage and give a Super Soul Session 

Prepping my vocal chords

La'Porsha Renae's daughter, with action-figure-Alexander on her shoulder

Mr. Seacrest is even sexier live

Crazy Sexy Friends Marie Forleo & Kris Carr

The ceiling of Royce Hall ..... Gorgeous!

The Line Up
Watch Sessions