A-Live: Music & Mindfulness | Featuring 'Mad World'

We're LIVE (A-Live) with music & mindfulness. When it comes to the 'M' word... perhaps you can relate to Tara & Shelley's heartfelt confessions. Tara: "Teach me to meditate. Every time I try... it all becomes funny 😂😕 ... Is that normal?" And Shelley: "How do I quiet my thoughts?" Let's dive in! Instead of blasting the world of social media with an overwhelm of mindfulness content, I'm offering direct resources, on a weekly basis, right to your email inbox. Please head on over to my website and become a Viral Mindfulness Insider. I'm working on a series of guided meditations that will launch next week, and you'll have FREE access. JOIN HERE: viralmindfulness.com/subscribe #facebooklive #alive #meditate #makesithappen #mindfulness

Posted by Alexander Smith on Wednesday, May 10, 2017