Three Minute Meditation

Silent meditation. Intro and bumper with singing bowl.

Three Minute Meditation

Sit next to a stream.

This audio was recorded live in October 2018 in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. I sat in morning meditation in darkness in a rain coat next to a stream before sunrise. A soft and subtle rainfall peppered my experience.

The Winter Of My Soul

Vanessa asked me to record part of this song.

When we first met, Vanessa and I, we were in circle with Mama-Sita and Ayahuasca. When the Shaman asked if I had a song I simply replied, “Of course” and unleashed this melody.

I’d never sung it before, and since, I’ve continually added to it. Primarily at Joshua Tree, early in the morning, from the rocks, offering it to camps of yogis studying with Darren Main of San Francisco.