Wall E + Bestie In The Eastie

Jay in New York also nurtures his creative side. His medium of choice: pencil, charcoal, and now oil painting.

In pencil, in honor of him, and us, I illustrated one of our friend movie metaphors. Yup! Wall-E. You guessed it: I'm Eva with the blue eyes.

This was really fun to observe how my heart came alive on the newsprint paper.

I set a timer and gave myself 60 minutes to sketch and make it as accurate as possible. Once the timer was up I couldn't help but add color.

Look 👀 at his cozy, creative space and set up. With Curious Grace!


Painting (Creating) A Watercolor-Winter-Wonderland

Sometimes great ideas are suggested by smart friends. I've been listening lately and love what's unfolding. I imagine my great friends have tried suggestions in the past and I wasn't ready to hear. I'm learning to listen from a deep, curious center.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 9.11.32 PM.png

Today is Tuesday, and I still watch episodes of Marie TV, which launch Tuesday mornings. (She's great BTW, and her content is fantastic). Not like you need any more content to consume and keep you from creating.

Just this morning she offered this 'nugget o wisdom': The best connections rarely come from you talking, they come from you listening.

Okay Mama Marie. I hear you too. But wait, how am I to listen and not talk when I'm podcasting.... Ohhhhhhhh..... I know. I can invite a guest on my show and interview, ask questions, and listen.


I digress.

Back to my sister-in-law who offered a suggestion when I was telling her about my holiday gift plans as they related to my work, budget, and debt pay off plan. (Thank you for the playful & inspired idea Shelley XXOO). I chose to listen and follow an unknown and frightening course of action. 

"Why don't you create a small painting (watercolor) for each person on your list," she chimed.

Ding. Ding. The light bulb arrived and the first section of my path was clear.

"I can do this," I decided, "Sounds like play and create to me." (I had already chosen my two words at this point).

What a month of giving and painting. I learned so much and dedicated a certain day and amount of time to each person.

My sister-in-law received this piece. Pen and watercolor on hand-torn Fabriano Italian Cold Pressed Paper. 

She too loves blue. She likes lines, architecture & design. She's lived near the ocean for years. And we've spent much time near the Huntington Beach Pier, which inspired this.



Introducing Viral Mindfulness The Podcast

We're officially live. Explore episode #01: Make Sit Happen, over at my podcast page.

Enjoy two bonuses today: a special piano recording of Joni Mitchel's 'Blue', and a two minute guided passage meditation with me.

New Podcast 01.png