I love authenticity, 'ellos, smart words, ah-has, messages, questions, breakthroughs, and creative collaborations.

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There's no place like Om

'Ello, Welcome to my Om-Page.

Mindfulness Coach, Pianist, Artist & Yogi. My hope is to be an instrument of Grace & Creative Intelligence. I'm challenging you to find your music and share it (while spreading compassion, creativity & meditation). Most Mondays I email my best ideas & intimate notes right to your inbox. I'd love for you to subscribe.

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Viral Mindfulness Season Four

Explore Life From A Different Perspective

Tracy shares: "I love your weekly emails (letters). Very touching & grounding. I love inversions, and as my yoga teachers says, 'we need to view life from a different perspective' ..... Viral Mindfulness is my Monday Inversion!" 

Thank You Tracy, I'm tickled blue. 

I dare you to get honest with yourself & learn to understand the voice in your mind and courageously open your heart. I imagine you joyfully dancing to the rhythm of your heart, cultivating mindfulness, and paying close attention to your life.

Life appreciates flexible travelers. 
strike a pose and bend!

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